Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Simpsons Season 11 DVD Announced

The Simpsons: The Complete 11th Season has finally been announced to be hitting shelves as a 4 disc set on October 7th!
Guess which non-Simpsons family member gets their own box design this time around!


David Germain said...

Hmm. They're actually releasing the episodes made after the point most would say the show "jumped the shark". It'll be interesting what they say in the commentaries.

Anonymous said...

Ofcourse they're releasing the episodes/DVD's. And I don't think the show 'jumped the shark'. Maybe the episodes from the seasons 1-6 were better, with more emotion in them, but the other seasons are still brilliant. I love listening to the commentaries, because everyone on the Simpsons is very funny. I like that George Meyer is featured on most commentaries on the season 10 DVD's. Let's hope he's back for season 11.