Monday, August 11, 2008

Invading Your TV on DVD

Warner Home Video has finally released the 1990 animated series produced by Steven Spielberg, "Tiny Toon Adventures"!Tiny Toons was basically a Warner Bros celebration of their Looney Tunes heritage. 1990 marked Bugs Bunny's 50 birthday so Warner Bros tried to create new cartoons based on the classics that were created at Termite Terrace during the Golden Age.The series follows the adventures of various Tiny Toons while they attend ACME Looniversity in order to graduate as official cartoon characters. The original Looney Tunes cast helps out the youngsters as the staff of the school.
Buster Bunny gets advice from Bugs Bunny.Daffy Duck teaches Plucky Duck to steal the spotlight.Furrball is instructed to catch mice by Sylvester.Dizzy Devil tries to eat bunnies with help from the Tazmanian Devil.Elmer Fudd teaches Elmyra to hug and love forest creatures insted of hunting them.Calamity Coyote recieves falling advice from Wile E. Coyote.Babs Bunny searches out "canine versions" of Honey & Bosko.The series had many different animation houses working on episodes so the art/animation style varies from time-to-time. The characters often fall off-model but it gives the series an interesting twist in visuals.It's a fun ride to revisit these cartoons and they are a great example of things to come during the 90's which some people have dubbed the Silver Age of Animation.This 4 disc set features the first half of the first season that contains 35 episodes. 17 episodes run for a complete 22 minute story while the remaining 18 are made up of 3 short cartoons.There is an interesting special feature called "From Looney Tunes to Tiny Toons - A Wacky Evolution!" that explains the origin of the series by going back to the classics.Can't wait for Season 1: Volume 2 to be released!

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