Friday, August 08, 2008

A Little Golden Inspiration

Hey fellow cartoonists/artists! Recently I've been inspired by checking out the always classic collection of Little Golden Books!Ever since Pixar started releasing their films in Little Golden Books format complete with retro designs with classic paintings and artwork I've been searching out inspirational looking Golden Book stories.Various cartoonists/artists have been blogging about the format while pointing out the importance of design, art style and painting that these books are full of. An example of such a post can be found here. I really want to find a copy of "Zappo Change-O"!
I've started my own collection of Golden Books that are filled with inspirational art and designs. Garage/yard sales and book stores are grand places to search out these gems.
First up is a book that has been left to sit in my fiance's closet for many years, "Rocky and his Friends"!I would have liked to show you the art from "Bullwinkle", but the rest of the book has been lost over time.Check out these images from "Rocky and his Friends"!I do have more books to highlight here so stay tuned!


Geoff said...

Among the Little Golden Books frommy childhood is a couple of Bugs Bunny books that give illustrator credit or co-credit to Tom McKimson! (Compare to the Disney books that only credit "the Disney Studio".) At least one of these is "Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig: Just Like Magic", originally published in 1976.

Geoff said...

Wow... that might be the worst grammar of anything I have ever published on the internet. You know what I meant, though.