Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Brandt & Cervone T&J Cartoons

There are more Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone directed cartoons on the just-released Tom & Jerry Tales Volume 5 DVD.They had their hand at writing & directing another episode consisting of 3 cartoons.
"Xtreme Trouble", "A Life Less Guarded" and "Sasquashed" are nicely timed and animated.Both directors worked on another episode on Volume 4. Trouble has Jerry Mouse pursuing a cheese truck on his skateboard while Tom pursues in chase using various "Xtreme" equipment.In a A Life Less Guarded, Tom & Droopy Dog compete to be the best for the position of lifeguard. Droopy receives some help from Jerry while a caricature of Tex Avery and Miss Shapely look on. She's "great with figures"!Tom goes Bigfoot hunting in Sasquashed so Jerry and Tuffy help out the hungry Andy Dick/Paul Lynd-esque Sasquatch elude him.The bear from Tex Avery's Rock-a-bye Bear (1952) makes a guest appearance.A lot of in-jokes were inserted into these cartoons and it seems only a fan of the Golden Age would catch them all. The bear cameo is only funny if you've seen the original cartoon. Most kids were probably left wondering why he was yelling at Tom? lolSpike & Tony really understand how to handle these classic characters and I hope to see more of their cartoons on future volumes!

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