Thursday, September 25, 2008

Depp Goes Mad

Johnny Depp has decided to help out his good friend Tim Burton again by taking on the role as the Mad Hatter for Burton's upcoming Alice in Wonderland adaptation.
The film is going to feature a live-action/CG animation mix and even though I'm not a fan of motion capture, Tim Burton + Wonderland should = "awesomeness".(on a side note from the linked article, "He’s (Depp) also suiting up for a fourth installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga, and is set to play Tonto in a new Lone Ranger flick.")
Depp as Tonto? I don't know about that....


Anonymous said...

I don't know about Berton and Alice and Wonderland. Everyone thought that Burton working on Chalie and the Chocolate Factory would be ideal, but look on how that sucked in the end.

Nic Kramer said...

I didn't think it the chocolate factory wasn't bad. I thought that was alittle more fathiful to the book than "Willy Wonka".