Saturday, September 06, 2008

Little Golden Inspiration

Hey there fellow cartoonists and illustrators!
Here is yet another gem that was recently released by Little Golden Books, 2007's "Your Friend the Rat".
The Pixar short was released along with the Ratatouille DVD and features quite the retro graphic look and the story book reflects that.
It helps when the images are illustrated by 10 artists: Nate Wragg, Teddy Newton, Scott Morse, Craig Foster, Jeff Pidgeon, Bob Scott, Willy Hwang, Jamie Frye, Sam Marin and Sanjay Patel!
(click the links for more info on each artist!)
Here's a sample of what this great book has to offer...

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Jason said...

Bob Scott has a very funny comic strip over at Gocomics. The strip is called "Myron."