Thursday, October 09, 2008

T&J Tales Volume 6

The remaining 5 episodes (15 cartoons) of the 2005 Warner Bros. Animation series will be hitting DVD on Feb. 3rd!'m a fan of Spike Brandt & Tony Cervone but I'm unsure which cartoons they directed this time around. From what I've read, "Kitty Cat Blues" features a retro design that gives a 1940's look to the characters. I'm interested to see how that looks.
I wonder what a cartoon featuring the 1960's Gene Deitch's or Chuck Jones' designs would have looked like?

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Thad said...

Kitty Cat Blues is on Youtube. I was told by one of the board artists that they spent a ton of extra money on this one to give it the "Zoot Cat" look. It's definitely the best of the T&J tales, but some of the timing is still stodgy.