Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Upcoming DVD Releases

Here's some updated info about upcoming DVD collections featuring classic animated cartoons and shows.
Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 6 will be available on October 21st!
Over 60 re-mastered and unedited theatrical cartoons with plenty of bonus materials.
My Pet Monster: The Complete Series has been confirmed as a Canadian release on October 28th!
The Flintstones: the Complete Series will be available on October 28th as well!
The 24 disc set will contain the entire run of the original series.
Popeye the Sailor 1941 - 1943: Volume 3 will be released November 4th!
This set includes 32 original re-mastered and uncut theatrical black & white shorts.
The Powerpuff Girls -10th Anniversary Collection: The Complete Series will be released on January 20th! "Twas the Fight Before Christmas" holiday special will be included but not "The Powerpuff Girls: The Movie".
Save up those pennies now kiddies, you're gonna need a lot of them!

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