Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Look Back: Slimer!

As The Real Ghostbusters animated series gained popularity on Saturday Mornings during the 80's, the series' comic relief was given his own series of 15 minute cartoon adventures expanding the show to a one-hour block.Slimer became the headliner during the '88-'89 season when the show became "Slimer! and The Real Ghostbusters". The kid-friendly cartoons were geared more towards slapstick and gave the ghost new friends and new enemies.
Spook Central: The Ghostbusters Companion has a short synopsis and listing of all 33 cartoons here:
The following screenshots are from a 1989 episode of The Real Ghostbusters that is included as a special feature on the Ghostbusters 2 DVD. As you can see, a number of people who were working on the Slimer cartoons went onto other animated shows that were popular during the 1990s.These cartoons will finally be available on DVD when Time Life releases "The Real Ghostbusters Complete Collection" later this month!Now Comics (1985 - 1990) published a comic based on The Real Ghostbusters and soon turned out a title simply called Slimer! based on the new cartoons.
And now finally the reason I am even making this blog post, here is a gag-filled story from Slimer! #2 (1989) with great art work using a more realistic style than the actual cartoons themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! Glad you brought this up. Even though hardcore GB fans usually chose to turn their colective head and ignore this point in the franchise, the Slimer cartoons still held some significance, as the producers behind them went on to work for WB to produce "Tazmania" as well as certain episodes of "Tiny Toon Adventures" and "Animaniacs" along with Amblin.
And guess what? I own issue #1 of the comic! It was a pretty lucky find, considering how quickly it was forgotten. My only excuse for watching the series at all was the show's feline foil, Manx, who became my sweetheart in a heartbeat, just 'cause I'm a sucker for redheads, even those of the feline persuasion!