Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tex Avery's Kwicky Koala

The genius who perfected the way cartoons should be during the Golden Age of Animation would create his last character before passing away in 1980.
Hanna Barbera's The Kwicky Koala Show would go on to feature the last cartoon created by legendary animation director Tex Avery.
Kwicky Koala is very reminiscent of another Avery creation, Droopy Dog. Kwicky would be constantly hunted by Wilford Wolf but would always escape the traps by being extremely quick. Hence the name "Kwicky".
This is the first cartoon of the series, and much to my knowledge, the only one worked on by Tex himself. For 1981, it's not a terrible cartoon. You can see that Tex was really trying to do his best with the limited animation with some simple animated takes and gags. (My personal favorite take happens at 2:32)
I have always wondered if the scene which starts at 3:27 is animated by Tex Avery himself because it uses a lot of rough poses and (dare I say) more fluid animation that doesn't stick to the model sheets like the rest of the cartoon.
You can be the judge by watching the first Kwicky Koala cartoon "In a Pig's Eye".

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Nic Kramer said...

Wish Avery, lived longer. He still had some juice left as showen here. It's a shame the series continued without him. It suffered without the Avery gags.