Monday, January 26, 2009

Comic Ball Cards 2

Last time, I blogged about "Looney Tunes All-Stars: Comic Ball Cards" that featured original artwork by Chuck Jones.
I guess both Warner Bros and Upper Deck thought they had a good idea going, so why stop there?
"Comic Ball Cards 2" was released the following year in 1991 featuring stories & artwork by The Dover Boys Studio.I guess the idea was to create a sort of live action/animation feel to the stories by having the Looney Tunes characters interact with popular baseball players.Here are a couple of stories that this series produced.These cards actually have artwork on one side while baseball and Looney Tunes trivia take over the back side. When the cards are placed in collector sheets, the back of the cards create bigger pics of baseball players and Looney Tunes interacting.
I actually purchased a box of this series only to find out I did not get all the cards. These 2 stories are the only ones that come close to complete while missing 1 or 2 cards.

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r these worth anything today?