Sunday, March 01, 2009

Flintstone Spy Film Titles

Here are some examples of the great-looking opening titles of the 1966 feature, The Man Called Flintstone.
The graphic look and feel are really a spoof of the animated titles of other spy films being released during the 60's.You can add this great Flintstones adventure to your collection by picking up the DVD from Warner Home Video.


Paco said...

Wow. It's kinda weird, because you sure wouldn't expect these sort of titles to a Flintstones adventure, but hey, those graphics look great, very sorta Saul Bass meets Pink Panther stylish. Nice post!

Scooby SnaKx said...

Yeah it is like the pink panther, but I never saw it, so I have no idea what its about...!

Christopher said...

Maybe it's me but I wodner if the last three screenshots ever inspired Genndy Tartakovsky - those glasses do look VERY familar...! ;)

Still, this is what I call a tasteful parody. Very colourful and nicely done :)

JeffJ said...

My dad, Homer Jonas designed many of these title screens at H&B. Thanks for posting them I will link this page to his tribute page on Facebook!

Jeff Jonas