Thursday, March 26, 2009

We Need More of These

Back in 1998, Warner Bros. was celebrating 75 years of entertaining the world.
The Warner Bros. Studio Stores were still active and they were the main supporters of The 1998 Bugs Bunny Film Festival.There were 2 separate programs: "Fest of the Best" & "Taz Gone Looney". Each compilation featured fifteen classic cartoons plus the premier of "Another Froggy Evening".
I was able to catch the "Fest of the Best" when it appeared in Winnipeg but was unaware of the second program. It was great to witness these cartoons on the big screen and un-cut. I think it surprised some of the younger audience members and their parents.Warner Bros. (plus any other studio) should consider creating more classic cartoon film festivals like these to keep the classic characters alive and to show today's audience where modern animated shows and films evolved from.

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Doug said...

I agree. Rae and I now have Teletoon Retro and have been enjoying many Warner Bros. cartoons in, as far as I can tell, their original form.