Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Funky H-B

John K, the cartoonist/director behind Spumco's line of characters, has created yet another blog!
John has always been influenced by the classic characters of Hanna-Barbera and has been doodling them his whole life.
He's decided to share those scribbles and doodles with his fans on John's Funky HB!


Christopher said...

Hmm...he doesn't do a terribly bad job of them, but if it wasn't for the fact his mind is somewhere else entirely... :P

rodineisilveira said...

I was seeing these doodles of the Hanna-Barbera timeless characters drawn by John Kricfalusi, and I was listening on my mind, the song I'm missing you, which was recorded by Björk in 1997 (whose music video was directed by John Kricfausi [including a Fred Flintstone's reference on it]).