Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Officially 3 Years Old

Hey Hey everybody! May 13th 2009 marks J.E. Daniels' 3rd Year Anniversary!
And seeing how this is my 1000th post, I really wanted to do something special but due to "not-enough-time", I could not complete the second comic story featuring B.B. Wolfe who first appeared in 2007!
For the meantime, here's a title card for the upcoming story entitled "3 Times the Charm". This time, B.B. Wolfe returns to get even with Red & Grannie but finds out that the cottage has been left in charge by pigs. It's been a couple of years since B.B. has had a decent meal so he decides to try to catch himself a three course dinner. I will be posting the new story here once it is complete!
Seeing how the comic is still in it's production phase, I thought I would take this time to celebrate Walt Disney's return to traditional animation since 2004's "Home on the Range". Here's a look at the current theatrical poster and the official trailer of the upcoming film, "The Princess & The Frog"!


Jeff Cook said...

3 Years and still going strong!
Keep it up with the Tooney postings and ill keep coming back for more!

Great work.
Also I look forward to seeing some of your comic work soon.


Nic Kramer said...

Congrates on your 3rd aniversary, J. E. Daniels.

And I hope the next Disney animated film becomes a success. "I hope".