Monday, June 08, 2009

New Looney Tunes in the Works?

Though most of the suggested are simply rumors and speculation, it seems that Warner Bros Animation is in the process of developing a brand-new television series featuring the Looney Tunes.I first spotted the news over at Golden Age Cartoons on this thread:
By following the link above, you can follow it too the original Daffy Duck layout drawing that's posted on cartoonist/animator Jim Smith's blog.
According to one member who happens to be a professional animation writer, the series is being written by an improv group called the Groundlings. I'm not sure if that's a good idea if it's true. Comedians writing cartoons? Sure they might know jokes, but can they time an animation gag with printed words?


joecab said...

"an improv group called the Groundlings"? They're not just any group but one of the biggies, Check out their WIkipedia page to see some of the people who got their start there.

Anonymous said...

Fin'n Catty (Chuck Jones):

Nickramer said...

All I can say is let's hope for the best... or worst, depending on some fan's opinions. I just hope they try to squeeze three shorts per show.