Saturday, September 12, 2009

Carrotblanca BG Artwork

Another personal favorite modern Looney Tunes cartoon of mine would be the 1995 theatrical short, "Carrotblanca". A parody and homage of the classic film, which is pretty good by the way.The cartoon is directed by Douglas McCarthy with Art Direction by Alan Bodner & Stephen Lewis. Backgrounds are by Patricia Keppler & Tim Maloney with Layouts by Bryan Evans, Ed Hayney & Dave Kuhn. Prop Design by Frederick J. Gardner III and Color Supervision by Bunny Munns.According to Wikipedia: "It was produced by the Animaniacs writing team at Warner Bros. Feature Animation (it is possible this film served as a test for animating the characters for Space Jam). Carrotblanca was the only Looney Tunes short produced by that group of writers and the Feature Animation division." link
I remember seeing quite a bit of merchandise going along with the short (ie: t-shirts, posters, Lays Potato-Chips...), but I never heard anything about it after it was supposedly released until it resurfaced on VHS in 1996.You can add this animated short to your collection by hunting down a copy of the long-out-of-print VHS tape or you can pick up a copy of Casablanca: Two-Disc Special Edition DVD from Warner Home Video...


Rick Roberts said...

Nice backgrounds, can't say the same about the cartoon.

Carrotblanca said...

Here is Carrotblanca