Monday, September 14, 2009

Go Go Gadget DVD Set

I've been enjoying the recently released "Inspector Gadget: Go Go Gadget Collection" from Fox Home Entertainment.Wowsers! This DVD set is a nice addition to the 2006 Shout Factory's release of "Inspector Gadget: The Original Series" that featured Gadget's first 22 episodes.This 2009 release features 10 episodes, but not chronologically as the series aired.
1. Coo Coo Clock Caper (season 1- episode 28)
2. The Japanese Connection (season 1- episode 30)
3. Pirate Island (season 1- episode 41)
4. MAD Academy (season 1- episode 42)
5. In Seine (season 1- episode 59)
6. Launch Time (season 1- episode 26)
7. Photo Safari (season 1- episode 27)
8. Bermuda Triangle (season 1- episode 29)
9. Arabian Nights (season 1- episode 31)
10. The Great Divide (season 1- episode 34)
(thanks to for the episode info!)Inspector Gadget is an 80's animated series that follows the misadventures of a bumbling detective as he takes on Dr. Claw and his many agents of the organization of M.A.D.With help from his niece Penny (with her handy computer-book, long before lap tops) and trustworthy, disguise-donning dog Brain, plus his array of misfiring gadgets & gizmos, Inspector Gadget easily (most times unknowingly) foils the evil plans of Dr. Claw.In the famous closing words of Dr. Claw, "I'll get you next time Gadget, NEXT TIME!!!" Unlike you, who can get Gadget now by picking up this great retro DVD set!


Mesterius said...

Nice review, J. E.! It warms my heart to see a serious animation devotee giving a plug to good ol' Inspector Gadget. This show is one of my all-time personal favorites, and if more people gave it its due, maybe we could finally see a complete DVD edition sometime in the future. Anyway, I whole-heartedly second your recommendation for this DVD - I don't care particularly much for the new Inspector Gadget logo, but the episodes included are great. Hopefully, if this set does well; Cookie Jar will get the planned, new Inspector Gadget series you first announced over a year ago (currently on hold from what I know) back in production.

Anonymous said...

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