Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Kluck Klams

I recently came across a great comic strip collection in a book entitled, "Walt Kelly's Pogo Revisited: 3 Pogo Classics in 1 Volume". Published in 1974, the volume features "Instant Pogo" (1962), "The Jack Acid Society Black Book"(1962) and "The Pogo Poop Book"(1966).
Here's a very interesting story from "The Pogo Poop Book".As usual, Walt Kelly's Pogo series makes a social commentary on a serious issue in a whimsical way. Can't wait for the classic strip to be released in hardbound collections, hopefully soon.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this wonderful Walt Kelly comic online! I was looking for an example to show a younger friend who had never seen Walt Kelly's brilliant work before and this was PERFECT to show them! They said it was great and that the artwork was fantastic.

It's a durn shame that so much of the "good old stuff" is out of print these days. Thanks for putting one of the greatest examples of Walt Kelly's artistry online for the younger generation to find!

Shooshie said...

That story and artwork came to me in 1966, at a time when I needed it. Deep in the heart of racist Texas, I had had an epiphany, that all my fellow citizens and friends were, like me, racists. I determined that I would change, but there was nobody to talk to about how to do that, or if it was even possible. Reading this helped give me the backbone to stand up against racism from that day on. It changed my life.

Bunk Strutts said...

Walt Kelly was a national treasure. I can only imagine what he'd be doing now were he still alive.

The Pogo Poop Book is a classic, and I still have my copy. Thanks for posting this.