Saturday, September 05, 2009

Pullet Surprise BG Artwork

Here are some examples of the nice background art created for the 1996 Chuck Jones Film Productions cartoon directed by Darrel Van Citters.
Although most of the modern Looney Tunes shorts cannot compare to the Golden Age, the film makers try their best to homage the classics. Some of the recent attempts really capture the look in their production art.
Pullet Surprise features Production Design by Bob Givens, the Color Consultant was the great Maurice Noble who worked on many of the classic Chuck Jones' shorts, and Background Painting by Jill Petrilak.You can add this fun Foghorn Leghorn & Pete Puma cartoon to your collection by picking up "The Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie" on DVD from Warner Home Video.


Jeff Cook said...

Great post James,
I love seeing background art and title cards. Especially those from the Golden age of animation or those which pay homage to the golden age.

Anonymous said...

"Pullet Surprise" is the best of Chuck Jones Productions cartoons ("Chariots of Fur" is the second...)
Beautiful background art and title cards... Thanks a LOT!!!

I hope WB will release "Father of the Bird" (1997) and "Chariots of Fur" (1994) with Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island DVD...... in the future (2010?)