Monday, October 19, 2009

Trail Mix-Up Inside Gags

The final Roger Rabbit theatrical short, "Trail Mix-Up" (1993) directed by Barry Cook, is full of inside jokes and I've always liked searching for them.
What kind of underwear does Roger wear? For some reason it's revealed here. Those extra "tents" in the background are a nice touch.The props from "Somethin's Cookin'" (1988), the opening short in the original film, make an appearance along with Warner Bros' ACME company logo changed slightly to avoid a law suit.Some nice cameos hiding within the animation itself:A tribute of sorts to the previous director of "Tummy Trouble" (1989) and "Roller coaster Rabbit" (1990), Rob Minkoff.Seems that Mrs. Herman stopped for break while hunting.After being stung several times, Roger spits out some hitchhiking bees. This one seems to be a caricature of one of the animators?There's Disney's mouse.The Genie from "Aladdin" (1992).Evinrube the dragonfly from "The Rescuers" (1977).TinkerBell from "Peter Pan" (1953).Looks like more than one Disney character went through the saw mill. ("Pinocchio"(1940))The 1996 release of "The Best of Roger Rabbit" VHS tape, which included all three shorts, "Trail Mix-Up" included gags that were "edited" for the 2003 release of the Vista Series DVD. Wish I hadn't sold it at a garage sale.
Roger rushes by a sexy poster featuring Jessica(?) riding a long saw. The first sign reads "Watch Your Tool". Both signs were quite visible on the VHS version.When both Baby Herman and Roger fly by the screen, Baby has Mickey Mouse pupils while Roger has skull & Crossbones pupils. That gag got covered up on the DVD. Why? Who knows?Does anyone know who's featured on this wanted poster?A nice Disney Park Attraction advertisement.I guess that's the end of Mrs. Herman. She was pretty mean-spirited anyway.Raoul J. Raoul is the governor of South Dakota. He was the fictional director of the first Roger Rabbit cartoon, "Somethin's Cookin'".I'm not sure if there are anymore hidden gags in the cartoon, but let's watch it anyway. A nice send-off short for a very funny rabbit.


Jeff Cook said...

Excellent James.
Roger Rabbit is one of my all time favourite characters.

I've watched the film and the shorts countless times but have only ever picked up on 1 or 2 of the gag's you have mentioned here (Mainly because of manic pace of the cartoons).

One gag I like is when the log's fall on Roger at 'The Saw Mill', you briefly see him relaxing on a deck chair, cocktail in hand.


Anonymous said...

Something similar regarding Disney character cameos was going to be in Roller Coaster Rabbit (1990). Originally a special in-joke was planned. It was to have taken place when Roger and Baby Herman reached the top of the roller coaster's ridiculously high first lift hill. At the top would have been a crossroads with a traffic light that turned red, pausing the pair's car. At this point, the "Long Car" was have zoomed through the intersection in front of them. Riding in this roller coaster train was supposed to have been every single animated character that has ever appeared in a Disney film. Mickey and Minnie were to have been seated in the front car, while Monstro the Whale from Pinocchio (1940) would have been towering over everyone from his seat at the very back of the train. Disney animators worked for weeks to get this brief flash of a scene just right. Ancient model sheets pulled from the studio's animation research library, to make sure every single character looked perfect. Where each character should go on the train was endlessly debated. However, despite all the effort put into the gag, it had to eventually be cut. If the "Long Car" zoomed through the scene as fast as it was originally supposed to, none of the audience would have been able to recognize any of the characters. But if it was slowed down, it threw off the frantic pace of the rest of the short. So the joke was left on the cutting room floor.

Gil Megidish said...

What an amazing blog post. I later viewed the video again, frame by frame. It's even funnier in super slow mo!

Anonymous said...

kid on poster is from "off his rockers"