Monday, March 29, 2010

A Look at "Almost There"

I've been enjoying a copy of Disney's "The Princess & The Frog" and I must admit one of my favorite scenes is the fantasy sequence "Almost There".The art design of the scene is quite inspired by the popular styles of the early 1900s.According to Sue Nichols, visual development artist, "Art styles such as art deco in the style of Erté, art nouveau with poster designers like Alphonse Mucha and ethnic American art from such Harlem renaissance artists as Aaron Douglas helped me create a look that's new and different yet still feels like it would have existed during the time period."Enjoy a brief clip of the visually appealing scene here:


Nic Kramer said...

I always thought that scene was homage to the work of Mary Blair.

4t4 said...

reminds me of Tex Avery's Page Miss Glory