Monday, March 08, 2010

Pink Panther & Pals Premiere

There was a post on this blog speaking of a new Pink Panther animated series back in 2008 and now Cartoon Network has premiered the first episode as of March the 7th.
Thanks to YouTube, you can watch the first episode here. Better make it quick before it gets yanked. I really like the fact that the show's creators rethought their original "baby-versions" of the Pink Panther gang, but instead, redesigned the characters with a "modern" take. I do not care much for Pink's design but The Ant and The Aardvark make up for it. I don't know why, but their first cartoon really reminded me of watching Disney's Shnookums & Meat for the first time. Can't wait to see more of these shorts, they might just get better over time.

I hope Cartoon Network continues this classic cartoon resurgence with "Looney Tunes: Laff Riot" soon. They may be on their way to bringing funny cartoons to television again...


Mark Skull said...

WOW! I actually didn't know this was even coming out!

But I agree, Pink's new design... no, just no.

Chris Sig said...

Wow indeed! I was right to have kept my hopes up here - all of these shorts had me laughing right the way through - top props to the animators for the Ant and Aardvark segment. A shame we never got to see the end credits; whoever does the Aardvark here sounded extremely faithful to John Byner's original tones, though the Ant's new voice, while equally fun, could take a while to adjust.

Mind you, the animated Title Cards are another cool addition, as are the subtle nods towards the original DePatie-Freleng shorts - Vampire "Friz" from "Pink Plasma", Strong Ant from "Don't Hustle an Ant with Muscle", and of course the hymlic scream from the bat :D

Fan Art n' Fun said...

I've seen the premiere of this, and taped it to a dvd. It's great to see them use some old school cartoon humor once again. Though I would love to have seen the really old school cartoon violence. (bombs,dynamite,etc) Just not taken too too far like that of "Happy Tree Friends". I too like that show as well. I happen to like the Pink Panther's teenager design. I find it cute. Heck even adorable. Now another pink panther show that I think should return would be that of "Pink Panther and Sons." C'mon people. Wasn't it cool to see other panthers besides Mr. Pink himself? What am I typing to myself here? Anyway. I really hope to see more of this show. And remember.... Think Pink. But all the other colors are cool too.