Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Look @ Looney Tunes Super Stars: Daffy Duck

Warner Home Video released a couple of new DVD releases of classic Looney Tunes earlier this month.
I already provided a look at the Bugs Bunny collection, so let's move onto that wacky webfoot wonder, Daffy Duck.Like the Bugs Bunny set, 10 out of the 15 new-to-DVD cartoons have been cropped to widescreen dimensions. CinemaScope was introduced in the 1950's so many studios took advantage of the newly-sized theater screens. Warner's developed animated shorts that could be viewed on both standard and wide screens where the actual footage could be cropped on the top and bottom of the picture. I still wish the DVD developers gave the consumer a choice to watch the cartoons cropped or not.
Let's have a look at the classic cartoons that were released in this new collection:
"Tick Tock Tuckered" (1944)
"Nasty Quacks" (1945)"Daffy Dilly" (1948)"Wise Quackers" (1949)"The Prize Pest" (1951)"Design for Leaving" (1954)"Stork Naked" (1955)"This is a Life?" (1955)"Dime to Retire" (1955)"Ducking the Devil" (1957)"People Are Bunny" (1959)"Person to Bunny" (1960)"Daffy's Inn Trouble" (1961)"The Iceman Ducketh" (1964)"Suppressed Duck" (1965)Unlike Bugs' collection, Daffy's comes with a warning on the back cover of the DVD: "Intended for the Adult Collector and May Not Be Suitable for Children" - so you know they have to be good. Pick up a copy today so all the classic Looney Tunes can be released onto home video!

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Some rumors about the next batch of Looney Tunes-Super Stars DVDs (2011):

1.)Bugs Bunny: Wascally Wabbit
2.)Daffy Duck second set
3.)Sylvester & Friends