Saturday, December 03, 2011

Richard Williams Animated Ads

Here's a couple of great commercials directed by Richard Williams who would go on to be the animation director behind "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". Love these Tex Avery homages...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat Ahead of Schedule

There has been a change in schedule of the upcoming CG theatrical 3D Looney Tunes shorts.This weekend when Warner Bros Pictures releases "Happy Feet 2", expect to see Tweety Bird & Sylvester the cat opening, instead of Daffy Duck & Elmer Fudd.
"I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat" is another song recorded by Mel Blanc that was released in the late forties. You can see a clip of the newly animated short by following the link above...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sam Register @ Keynote

Sam Register, Executive VP Creative Affairs at Warner Bros Animation, spoke at Keynote MIPJunior 2011 giving the audience a look at what Warner Bros has coming up on their animated plate.

He speaks of the upcoming theatrical shorts starting with "Daffy Duck's Rhapsody" that will be shown before "Happy Feet 2" this holiday season. There is even a look at the last half of the short.I'm very impressed with the animation that is so fluid and wacky considering it is in CG and also they gave Elmer Fudd a rifle again. Can't wait to see the full short. Maybe in the theater, we'll have to wait and see...See the 27 minute mark of the video where Sam speaks of the upcoming shorts followed by the animated clip.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Looney Tunes Super Stars: Roadrunner & Wile E. Coyote

Warner Home Video released a new Looney Tunes DVD collection headlining some new to DVD shorts featuring the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote. The viewer has a selection of either Full Screen or Widescreen presentations.Here's a sneek peek at the latest release with shorts ranging from 2010 to the 1960's...
"Coyote Falls" (2010)"Fur of Flying" (2010)"Rabid Rider" (2010)"Whizzard of Ow" (2003)"Chariots of Fur" (1994) *widescreen*Full Screen"Little Go Beep" (2000)"Sugar and Spies" (1966)"Clippety Clobbered" (1966)"The Solid Tin Coyote" (1966)"Out and Out Rout" (1966)"Shot and Bothered" (1966)"Chaser on the Rocks" (1965)"Highway Runnery" (1965)"Boulder Wham!" (1965)"Hairied & Hurried" (1965)

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Animation Homage in Upcoming Futurama

The final episode of the new season of Futurama will be paying homage to three distinct animation styles.
"Reincarnation" will revamp the Planet Express crew with three new looks in the vein of a Fleischer-style, a low res video game style and finally an Anime style. Catch it this Thursday Sept. 8...

Monday, September 05, 2011

Zee Best of Zee Best

Warner Home Video will be releasing a new Looney Tunes Super Stars collection this December starring Termite Terrace's self-proclaimed casanova, Pepe Le Pew.
The new collection will contain the skunk's complete run of Chuck Jones directed shorts (1945-1957) as well as Arthur Davis' "Odor of the Day" (1948), Friz Freleng's "Dog Pounded" (1954) and Abe Levitow's "Really Scent" (1959).

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Essential Daffy Duck

Looks like Warner Home Video is following up on last year's release of 'The Essential Bugs Bunny' with a new 2-DVD set featuring that screwy fowl, "The Essential Daffy Duck".
This new release will have a total of 21 cartoons, both classic and modern. You can find the cartoon listing by clicking the link to

Darkwing Duck/ Ducktales Crossover Coming

The good people at BOOM! Studio are preparing a new crossover between two of their Disney titles.
There has always been a close connection between the two Disney Afternoon animated series, both on the screen and printed page, but this is the first story arc to feature both Disney Duck properties.
You can get a sneak peek of the artwork over on James Silvani's blog who is the primary artist working on the series currently.

The Muppets are Coming

An all new international poster has been released for the upcoming Muppets movie coming this holiday season...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pat Ventura Blog

Animator Pat Ventura started his own blog recently and he's been posting some great artwork he created during several productions he worked on for Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network...

Looney Tunes #200

As of July 6th, DC Comics has released the 200th issue of their long-running Looney Tunes title. Hopefully there is more than 1 new story released this issue...

Don Gato y su Pandilla Trailer

Here is the first trailer for the Mexican release of Top Cat: The Movie from Illusion Studios...

Friday, July 08, 2011

Seth MacFarlane Rebooting Bedrock

Recently FOX announced that Seth MacFarlane, creator of "Family Guy" among others, has been given the go-ahead to reboot "The Flintstones" with a modern animated series.
Hopefully the new show will capture the appeal of the original series from Hanna-Barbera and will not just be the same humor used on MacFarlane's other series.
The Flintstones had a resurrection once before on Cartoon Network back in 2001 with a brand new special that used new designs based on the old designs of the original series that ran from 1960 - 1966.

The Looney Tunes Show Comes Home

Warner Home Video is releasing the newest Looney Tunes franchise to DVD sooner than expected!
The first 4 episodes of the new animated series, "The Looney Tunes Show" will be released on DVD this September...

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Hare in my Soup Artwork

After the success of the first theatrical short starring Roger Rabbit, "Tummy Trouble"(1989), new stories and ideas were designed to create further adventures for the rabbit.One such idea had Roger working as a waiter in a restaurant where calamity was sure to ensue, but the creative differences between Amblin and Disney, who both owned rights to the character, had a disagreement over the story and it was eventually scrapped.
Some animation cel set-ups created during the creative process of the non-produced short "Hare in my Soup" have turned up on the great Roger Rabbit- related blog "Toontown Antics" and I must say the character design of the head waiter is very impressive.
Click the link to view more of the artwork. It's a shame that the short was never produced for it seemed to flush out another character-driven story for the bunny rather than being a super-sitter to Baby Herman...

Smears, Multiples & Other Animation Gimmicks

A cool, new animation-related Tumblr that deals with a subject that usually passes by the viewers eye in a single frame: The animated smear. live action - a motion blur is natural, in animation - you have to make your own.

New CG Looney Tunes Coming to Theaters

It seems that Warner Bros Animation had some success with the 3 CG Roadrunner cartoons released theatrically in 2010 because they are planning on releasing 3 more, 2 featuring the voice recordings of the late, great voice artist Mel Blanc!
Expect to see the first cartoon "Daffy Duck's Rhapsody" released with "Happy Feet 2" this holiday season...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Transformers: Headmasters - The Japanese Collection

The continuing episodes of the original Transformers animated series that ran only in Japan is finally making it's North American debut this summer...

Hanna-Barbera 1961 Interview

The Canadian Broadcasting Co. takes us behind the scenes at the classic Hanna-Barbera studio to see how their animation process works - as explained by Joe Barbera & Bill Hanna...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Looney Tunes Show Clipz

Warner Bros Animation has released many clips online of the upcoming reboot of the Looney Tunes franchise and the results are..... different.

I'm glad they are bringing Bugs and the gang back for the new generation and trying new things, but these examples are no comparison to the classic theatrical shorts.

The "Merrie Melodies" examples are pretty terrible - I hope they can get away from the hip hop and turn back the clock to classical tunes at one point or another.

Personally, the CG Roadrunner & Wile E. Coyote shorts seem to be the highlight of the new series, but they have been my favorite characters since I first discovered the Looney Tunes.
The new show premieres on Cartoon Network this May and hopefully we get to see more DVD releases of the classic shorts along with new theatrical cartoons. Bring on the new Tunes!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Oswald's Theme

Apparently, it has been mentioned that Oswald the Lucky Rabbit's theme from the Epic Mickey video game soundtrack may be related to the story of how Oswald came into creation by a young Walt Disney then quickly lost.
You can see the theme animated here to make the connection between song and story...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Top Cat and his Gang 2011

South America will be graced with a new hand drawn film adaptation of Hanna-Barbera's Top Cat this September.
Check the link to learn more about the release at Cartoon

Friday, February 25, 2011

Bugs Bunny: F*ck Yeah

Came across this enjoyable collection of Bugs Bunny-related material on tumblr... (pls xcuse the language ;))

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Supernatural Anime

Apparently old news, but I just heard about Warner Bros working with Anime studio, MADHOUSE to produce a series based on the live action series, Supernatural.I'm not a fan of anime, but I am a fan of Supernatural. Been a fan of Sam & Dean Winchester since I stumbled across an episode during it's first season run.If you're not familiar with the show - the series follows the lives of 2 brothers who were raised by their father to hunt demons and monsters across North America. I must say, this anime version looks a lot creepier than the actual series.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chuck Jones (Sept 21, 1912 - Feb 22, 2002)

It would be 9 years this day that Charles M. Jones passed away.
He was an animator, cartoon artist, screenwriter, producer and director of animated films, most memorably of the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies shorts for the Warner Bros. Cartoons studio.
Soon after his passing, DC Comics' Looney Tunes title prepared a simple yet very fitting tribute to the great animation director.