Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Looney Tunes Show Clipz

Warner Bros Animation has released many clips online of the upcoming reboot of the Looney Tunes franchise and the results are..... different.

I'm glad they are bringing Bugs and the gang back for the new generation and trying new things, but these examples are no comparison to the classic theatrical shorts.

The "Merrie Melodies" examples are pretty terrible - I hope they can get away from the hip hop and turn back the clock to classical tunes at one point or another.

Personally, the CG Roadrunner & Wile E. Coyote shorts seem to be the highlight of the new series, but they have been my favorite characters since I first discovered the Looney Tunes.
The new show premieres on Cartoon Network this May and hopefully we get to see more DVD releases of the classic shorts along with new theatrical cartoons. Bring on the new Tunes!


Anonymous said...

At first I wasn't so sure that this show would take off; that because it didn't have the original slapstick from the classic cartoons that it would be dull.

But now, from the looks of things, it seems like this show will have it's own brand of humor, and I suppose it's for the best.

And I like Lola's new character. For me, the Space Jam version was a but too sultry.

Can't wait to see this in May.

Chris Sig said...

Well, these look....interesting. Artistic-wise, the animation looks amazing. Great life and expression in each of these.

Although I still find Speedy and Lola's voices a little jarring. Speedy sounds too deep while Lola, while still charming and fun in this new role and tone, still doesn't sound the same without Kath Soucie, IMO.

However, I did love how they seemed to avert all if any nods towards the Daffy/Speedy shorts in all. Concentrating more on character interaction and more fun animation =)

Although I agree with the Merrie Melodies clip there - Sam in a diaper. That'll haunt my dreams for a while...although the brief cameos from various LT characters was pleasing =)

As for the RR was a little odd. It felt more like a parody of the series itself than a reminiscent air of the original shorts as the Theatrical CGI cartoons have succeeded in story and music-wise.

Thanks for sharing again - it'll be interesting to see an entire show come its premier.