Thursday, July 07, 2011

Hare in my Soup Artwork

After the success of the first theatrical short starring Roger Rabbit, "Tummy Trouble"(1989), new stories and ideas were designed to create further adventures for the rabbit.One such idea had Roger working as a waiter in a restaurant where calamity was sure to ensue, but the creative differences between Amblin and Disney, who both owned rights to the character, had a disagreement over the story and it was eventually scrapped.
Some animation cel set-ups created during the creative process of the non-produced short "Hare in my Soup" have turned up on the great Roger Rabbit- related blog "Toontown Antics" and I must say the character design of the head waiter is very impressive.
Click the link to view more of the artwork. It's a shame that the short was never produced for it seemed to flush out another character-driven story for the bunny rather than being a super-sitter to Baby Herman...

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Bunnyfriend said...

Thanks for the mention, James!

However, the person who deserves the real credit for this discovery is Jarrod: owner of the "I'm Not Bad" blog (fully devoted to Jessica Rabbit). He was the one who got the neat pictures and shared them with me.

His blog is on and it's like a Jessica Rabbit encyclopedia: it has tons of info about the red-haired, sultry cartoon diva :)